CCS Student Mask Process

Since we are considered an elementary school setting, Clinton City Schools Reopening Plan provides parents/guardians with personal options with regards to students wearing masks all day while in school. While masks are recommended, CCS will not require masks to be worn all day by students. CCS will require that a mask be worn by both teachers and students during certain activities throughout the day.  If a parent does not want their child to wear a mask at any time during the school day, they need to contact the principal by email to confirm the request and explain any medical reasons why.

Clinton Elementary School:  Jenna Sharp

North Clinton Elementary School: Monica Rael

South Clinton Elementary School: Leighann Bonesteel

Even though Clinton City Schools recommends that students wear masks during the school day, the school system cannot guarantee that each student will keep his/her mask on at all times, as we are dealing with children who may not always comply with directives and who may even refuse to wear masks.

Clinton City Schools requests that each student bring a mask on the first day of school. This mask will be kept in an individual paper bag and used during times of close proximity. Students who wish to wear the mask the entire day are encouraged to do so.