Welcome to the 2023-24 school year. This is the 129th school year for Clinton City Schools! I am delighted for the opportunity to collaboratively lead such a wonderful school system with a long-standing history of high student achievement and strong community support.

Clinton City has a tradition of high expectations, which has consistently produced high academic achievement. We consistently rank in the top 10% of school districts across the state in both student growth and achievement. In particular, our 6th grade program ranks in the top 5 districts across the state (out of 147 districts).

We hold the philosophy that students can accomplish great things if adults believe in them and provide needed support. Our staff takes the time to get to know students and their families. We pride ourselves in hiring the best educators who work endless hours to provide a quality education to every student. Our administration supports teachers by providing high-quality professional development and giving them the necessary resources to teach students of varying levels. Clinton City Schools believes in partnering with parents and the community to provide a well-rounded education for our Pre-K through 6th-grade students.

We are proud of our Technology for Learning (T4L) program in grades K-6. Kindergarten students have individual iPads, and students in first through sixth grades have an individual Chromebook in their classroom. Teachers integrate technology throughout the instructional day to help engage students in the mastery of standards while preparing them to function in our technological society. If students stay in Clinton City Schools for fourth, fifth, and sixth grades continuously, they qualify to take home their individual Chromebook at the end of their 6th-grade year. We are thankful to be able to participate in this technology program with the support of The City of Clinton.

While we believe that academics is our priority objective, we also provide students with an abundance of opportunities to explore activities that build on individual talents and interests. Well-rounded students have a higher likelihood of becoming a productive citizen as an adult. Some of our well-rounded activities include: STEM Clubs, Healthy Lifestyle Clubs, Running Club, Cross Country, Archery, Dance, Basketball, Swim, LEGO Robotics, Rocket Drone Racing, 4-H, Student Leadership, Cheerleading, Color Guard, Band, Orff Ensemble, and Chorus. Individual schools also offer a wide variety of other opportunities to meet students’ interests.

We look forward to the many opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in the 2023-24 school year. If parents make a commitment to make attendance a priority, our staff will ensure that each child receives a quality education each school day. If you are looking to move into the area and would like to know more about our school system, please feel free to call us! It won’t take long for you to realize that there is something special about Clinton City Schools! We would love for you to come join our CCS family!


Mrs. Kelly D. Johnson