Our school nurses coordinate school-based health services to ensure all students receive proper care and attention while at school.

Services provided by the school nurses include:

  • caring for students who are sick or hurt  

  • monitoring and caring for students with special medical conditions   

  • dispensing medications according to school policy   

  • assisting with health screenings   

  • reviewing student health records   

  • working with physicians and parents to develop Section 504 Health Plans   

  • communicating to staff members with a legitimate educational interest the requirements of individual student health plans  

  • conducting staff development activities   

  • presenting classroom instruction in all areas of health   

  • providing health information to parents and school personnel   

  • serving as a resource to the school and community

Emergency Procedures

When a child is injured or becomes ill while at school, the school nurse's office will evaluate the child's condition and notify the parent or guardian as soon as possible.  In cases needing emergency care, the parent will decide what physician will treat the child and whether to pick up the child at school or to contact emergency transportation to carry the child to a designated hospital where the child will be met by the parent.  If the parent or guardian cannot be reached and the student is in need of emergency medical care not available from school personnel, emergency services will be contacted.  The child will be transported to the nearest emergency hospital, the Methodist Medical Center in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.