Goal 1:  Reduce student overweight/obesity rates 

  • Increasing movement throughout the day (Yoga4Classrooms, Walking Classroom, GoNoodle, Kickball, indoor recess kits for first grades, Walk-a-thon)   

  • Offering multiple nutrition education opportunities to students (Rudy Raccoon, Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program at North Clinton)   

  • Focusing on healthier living and exercise (Student Health Lessons, Clinton 5K, Blaze Cross Country, Allies for Substance Abuse Generation RX, Healthy Breakfast Week, Club Health)   

  • Family Engagement (Online Newsletter, Clinton 5K, Seasonal Scavenger Hunts )

Goal 2:  Provide multiple opportunities to educate students and staff about violence, aggression, bullying, trauma and social-emotional wellness.

  • Activities for students (BEST groups, Personal Accountability Classrooms, Anti-Bullying Week, Internet Safety Training and Mental Health 101)

  • Training for staff on Professional Development Days (Suicide Prevention Training, Street Hope Human Trafficking Training, Anti-bullying & Violence Training)   

  • Support for Parents (Internet Safety & Human Trafficking, Mental Health 101 for parents, Grandfamilies Night for guardian support)

Goal 3:  Provide wellness opportunities for staff 

  • Physical activities (Clinton 5K, after-school fitness sessions - yoga)   

  • Nutrition Challenges (Water Challenge, Walk-a-mile/Bike-3-miles Challenge, Winter Bingo Challenges for fitness, nutrition and well-being)

  • Mental Health Supports (Capturing Kids Hearts, personal counseling, mindfulness, Self-care lunches, Pop-Up Wellness Room, Mentors)