The Clinton City Schools (CCS) Speech-Language Program provides direct contact services for eligible students in individual, small group, and/or classroom settings.  In addition, consultative services are provided to the classroom teachers regarding appropriate classroom modifications, instructional materials and techniques, and strategies designed to meet the unique communication needs of each eligible student.

Speech-Language Specialists are responsible for identifying and servicing eligible students and assisting other educators in their efforts to improve learning.  Speech-Language Specialists participate in School Support Team meetings as needed or requested.  They screen language, articulation, voice, fluency, and/or hearing as requested by the S-Team and they provide intervention strategies and services as indicated prior to completing comprehensive evaluations of language, articulation, voice, and fluency.  The SLSs participate in Individual Education Program Team (IEP) meetings and assist the IEP Team in determining eligibility for services and in designing appropriate Individual Education Programs and serve as Case Manager when designated.  They prepare instructional plans and materials to address individual student needs, coordinating efforts with other educational staff as needed.  The Speech and Language services complement the general education curriculum and provide support for skills impacted by the student's speech/language disability.


CCS speech and language personnel assess, identify, and program for students with communication disabilities. Our goal is to identify students' needs, support their education, and facilitate their development to become active members of a diverse global society.