Clinton City School (CCS) believes the purpose of Response to Intervention (RTI) refers to a process that monitors how well students respond to changes in instruction. This process is a new way of providing assistance to students before they fail. The goal is to quickly identify those in need of help, provide interventions that have been shown to be effective with other students, and then monitoring their progress to determine if the interventions are working. If an intervention is not working, then a different intervention needs to be used and monitored for effectiveness.


The RTI Team collaborates with school personnel to collect school-wide formative assessment data in order to identify and intervene with at-risk students. We provide information that facilitates data-based decisions to improve academic achievement at the student, school, and district levels.


CCS believes in identifying at-risk students and facilitates the implementation of scientifically research-based interventions, supports stakeholders in the use of data-driven decision-making, and encourages collaboration within the school community to improve outcomes for all students.