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The ORNL Federal Credit Union Media Center is proudly located at South Clinton Elementary. Students and staff can now create professional quality videos because of a generous donation from ORNL Federal Credit Union.

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Money Minutes

The students of SCES have recently partnered with Taylor Martin from ORNL FCU to record and produce a video series call Money Minutes. In each episode, Taylor will discuss money and budgets with students from different grade levels in an effort to bring financial literacy to our students. In episode 1, Taylor sits down with Jenna a SCES first grader. Enjoy!

SCES Morning Show

In an era where digital media reigns supreme, students at South Clinton Elementary are embracing technology to enhance their educational experience. Led by 6th grade teachers, Erin Maples and Lauren Neal, this group of students have taken the reins of the school's new video production program.  

At the heart of this program is the students themselves, who take on various roles ranging from anchors to camera operators to editors. Utilizing the state of the art video equipment in the ORNL FCU Media Center, students  deliver updates on school events and achievements via the morning announcements featuring a special staff guest.  

The impact of student-led news programs extends beyond the studio walls. They foster a sense of belonging and pride among students, who see their peers taking charge and making a positive contribution to the school community. Parents and faculty alike appreciate the effort and dedication that goes into each broadcast, further strengthening the bond between the school and the community.

As we celebrate the achievements of these young broadcasters, let us recognize the importance of nurturing creativity, curiosity, and collaboration in education. Through student-led news programs, we not only inform but also inspire the next generation of storytellers, leaders, and change-makers.

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