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CSH 2016-2017

Coordinated School Health Achievements for 2016-2017

Highlights from the 2016-2017 school year. Clinton City Schools would like to thank all of our community partners!


·         CHE for ALL students

·         Flexible seating initiative 

·         Desk cycles

·         District measures decrease in time out of class/absent due to asthma

·         91% return to class rate

·         ALL schools provided universal breakfast!!

·         No schools use fryers

·         ALL schools provided ADD/ADHD training

·         All schools have joint use agreement

·         150 student partners!

·         New bullying policy

·         2/3 schools have in-school fitness rooms for staff

·         55 staff participated in wellness programs

·         Great job decreasing your overweight/obesity rates!

·         Using GoNoodle and other PA programs in am when kids arrive at school

·         Monthly GoNoodle contests

·         Hydration stations at ALL schools!

·         Breakfast participation increased by 6% in past year

·         Became a Healthier TN community

·         Staff participating in H2O water challenge

·         Love and Logic book study

·         LCSW from Ridgeview

·         Club Health MicroClinic

·         $286,356 in in-kind!

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