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CSH 2018-2019

Coordinated School Health Achievements for 2018-2019


Highlights from the 2018-2019 school year. Clinton City Schools would like to thank all of our community partners!

Coordinated School Health and Health Services Highlights   2018-2019

  • 6,640 Health Visits       4,463 Returned to Classroom      67% Returned to Classroom

  • 33 Asthma, 30 ADHD, 10 Mental Health Condition, 4 Diabetes, 4 Seizure Disorder, 18, Severe Allergies, 11 Autism, 2 Heart Conditions

  • Screenings for height, weight, BP, vision, and hearing for 514 students (K, 2, 4, and 6)

  • Dental Screenings for 120 Students

  • 4 AED’s in buildings

  • 4 water bottle refilling stations

  • Stock Epi-Pens for emergencies in all buildings

  • 2- 911 calls this year

  • 4 students received emergency services

  • Crisis team at all schools

  • 1,678 oral medication doses given

  • 438 clinic visits related to diabetes

  • 2-urine ketone testing, blood glucose monitoring

  • Total number of medications administered- PRN, prescribed, topical-  2,675

  • Training in Stop the Bleed for Medical Emergencies

  • Attend Children’s Hospital Training for school nurses yearly

  • Suicide Prevention Training for staff

  • Rudy Raccoon (45 students)

  • Microclinic (60 students)

  • Club Health (15 students) food sampling and nutrition advertisements

  • Healthy Life Running Club 117 members- Anti-tobacco curriculum and physical activity

  • Lice consultation with parents

  • Home visits

  • Attendance information to parents in kindergarten meetings

  • Attendance support through Attendance Support Plans

  • Health support for students teaching hand washing techniques

  • Grants for Anderson County Education Association approximately 3,000

  • Grants from Fuel Up to Play 60 approximately 6,000 (smoothies, parfaits, Yo-Go Cart, yoga mats, and cards

  • Healthy School Teams at each school

  • JUUL’s prevention training for 6th graders

  • Prescription RX training for 6th graders

  • Mental Health 101 training for 6th graders

  • Healthier TN Chair

  • Member of Anderson County Health Council

  • Lions Club Vision Screenings









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