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Coordinated School Health

Check out the "hidden costs" and physical impact that soda has on your health!!!

The physical impact that soda has on our health is staggering; Harvard's School of Public Health claims, " On any given day, half the people in the U.S. consume sugary drinks…[they] are the top calorie source in teens' diets" at 226 calories per day. While high caloric diets and sluggish lifestyles have led to skyrocketing obesity rates, that says nothing about the environmental impact an unrecycled can or bottle of soda has on our waterways and lands.

Beverage companies spend billions of dollars creating and nurturing this soda-addiction; our greatest defense is by raising awareness and understanding about the industry and the sugary-beverage.


Introducing Asthma and ADHD Resources for Parents :)

 On this website, parents and community members can find information regarding Asthma and ADHD in children. This website hosts resources for parents, students, and community members.

Easily find information on:

  •  What is asthma, asthma triggers, common symptoms
  • Types and characteristics of ADHD
  • Resources to support groups, classroom strategies, and educational websites



Tennessee’s one-stop shop for families to raise healthy and happy kids.

  • Easily search information from four main sections:
  • Health
  • Education
  • Development
  • Support
  • Receive additional related information based on your original search.
  • Access a comprehensive directory of state-operated and state-funded services for children and families.

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