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Special Education

The Special Education Department in Clinton City Schools (CCS) provides quality, individualized instruction and support services for the development of social and academic proficiency for all children with special needs by identifying their areas to strengthen, fostering positive learning environments, building healthy relationships with all stakeholders, and teaching important skills that promote success for every student in the future.

The purpose of the Special Education Department is to:

  • identify students with special needs through our child find program and target their areas to strengthen.
  • foster positive learning environments by creating opportunities to enhance each child's potential by setting high expectations, and differentiating our instruction.
  • build healthy relationships with parents, students, teachers, administrators, support staff, and community that encourage self-advocacy, effective collaboration, and personal responsibility. 
  • promote on-going learning for staff in innovative research-based instructional techniques so that our students can have the most up-to-date teaching strategies necessary for optimum enrichment.
  • ensure mastery of life skills, through collaboration and inclusive practices, to encourage each student to become productive and independent citizens

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