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Welcome to Clinton City Schools

We are beginning our 125th school year as one of the leading school systems in the state. We are a Pre-K through 6th-grade elementary system with approximately 950 students. There are three elementary schools in our system: Clinton Elementary, North Clinton Elementary, and South Clinton Elementary. We have approximately 135 staff members who work hard each day to provide an individualized education for each student. Our test scores are reflective of the hard work of teachers, staff, students, parents, and the community all coming together with the same vision of academic excellence.

We are extremely proud of our 1:1 device program called “Technology for Learning” (T4L), which gives each 1st -6th-grade student an individual Chromebook and each kindergartner an iPad for instructional use. Students qualify to take this Chromebook home if they stay enrolled with us consecutively for 4th, 5th, and 6th grades. This program makes learning engaging for our students. Clinton City Schools prides itself on high expectations with an abundance of support. Please take the time to look at our Vision 2020 plan, which outlines the great work that is happening in our district. There is beauty in being small. Students are not a number at CCS. Each child is a unique individual who we welcome into the CCS family and work hard to nurture both emotionally and academically. Come join the CCS community! It is a great place to learn!


Our Clinton City Schools logo tells a great deal about our system. We call it the Human Globe. There are three individual humans making a circle. Each has its own color and shape, representing our three schools. Although each school has a unique culture and environment, they are all holding hands signifying the importance of working together to be a strong system for each student. The globe illustration inside the human ring represents the core values of Clinton City Schools: rigor, innovation, technology, relationships, and collaboration. The lines and dots represent the connection between all of these concepts. In isolation, these things will not make a successful school system. It is the networking between them all that makes Clinton City Schools a special school system.


The vision of Clinton City Schools is to provide a solid foundation for educational excellence.


Recognizing that the future is dependent on today’s students, the mission of Clinton City Schools is to educate our students to achieve their full potential by providing a safe and challenging academic environment where standards are high and learning is a priority.


  • We believe in a growth mindset for both teachers and students. Believe it and we can achieve it!

  • Education is a partnership between teachers, students, guardians, and the community.

  • Our society is rapidly changing, and education must continually adapt to these changes to ensure our students are well prepared.

  • Each student has a right to develop to his/her fullest potential.

  • Education is a life-long endeavor for both teachers and students.

  • A positive, safe learning environment is essential for both teaching and learning.

  • Students can reach high expectations with proper supports.

  • It is important to develop well-rounded students who have opportunities in a wide variety of experiences.

  • Appropriate instruction and use of current technology should be provided to all students.

  • Differentiating for the varying levels of students results in academic growth.

  • The combination of rigor, innovation, technology, relationships, and collaboration creates a successful learning environment.


Do you want to learn more about the great things happening in Clinton City Schools? Come for a visit! We would be happy to give you a tour of the buildings and let you see for yourself the level of engagement in our classrooms. For more information, please feel free to contact Kelly Johnson, Director of Schools, at 865-457-0225.

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