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When fourth grade ELA and Social Studies teacher Darlene Miller was contacted by Tennessee History for Kids creator Bill Carey to provide feedback to his newest booklet “Powerful Words”, she was happy to help. 

“Powerful Words” is the latest booklet created to help teachers cover the primary sources that are required in the social studies standards. In the booklet, students read a passage from an important document, book or speech, and then answer questions about the content. The passages include documents such as the Declaration of Independence, John Donelson’s journal, Abigail Adams’ letters, and first person accounts of the Battle of King's Mountain, the Trail of Tears and Paul Revere's ride, and many more.

Mrs. Miller, along with other educators from across the state, assisted by commenting and providing suggestions to the questions students were asked.  She has used resources from the website for several years and knows what a valuable resource the website is to enhance the teaching of Tennessee history. 

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