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Clinton City Schools Receives Top Score in Student Growth on TN Ready

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Each year, districts and schools are held accountable for several metrics. Two of the most common measurements are student achievement and student growth. TVAAS is the term used to show how much students grow academically each year. The expectation is to grow students at least one year in each subject. This metric is measured by taking a student’s NCE (normal curve equivalent) from one year and comparing it to the next year. If this number stays the same, then this student achieved one year’s growth. If it increases, the student made more than a year’s growth. For example, if a student had a 51 normal curve equivalent score as a fourth grader and ended the fifth-grade year with a 51 normal curve equivalent score that student would have earned one year’s growth.

Districts are rated on a scale of 1-5 based on this data with a 5 being the greatest number for growth. Clinton City Schools received a district-wide composite score of a Level 5 on the new TN Ready assessment. This score means that there was statistically significant evidence that our students made and exceeded the expectation of one year’s growth. Typically, TVAAS scores are based on 4th, 5th, and 6th-grade data. However, since there was no state testing in 2016, scores this year are based only on 5th and 6th-grade scores.

Director Kelly Johnson stated, “We are very proud of our growth progress this past year. This is evidence that teachers differentiate instruction to meet the needs of all students in the classroom to ensure that everyone is growing academically. Throughout the year, we use a variety of assessment measurements to track the growth of our students and adjust instruction accordingly. Due to the size of our system, this metric can sway on extreme ends of the spectrum very easily. Every student counts! We will celebrate this achievement and place our focus on continuing to take students at their current level of instruction and move them along the spectrum as far as possible.”

Achievement data should be available towards the end of October. This data will inform parents of their student’s performance level in reading, mathematics, and science. No scores will be issued for social studies because the assessment was a field test last year. Scores have been delayed this year since TN Ready is a new test and cut scores have been redefined at the state level. Parent reports are expected by the end of October. 

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