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New Addition to SCES Lawn

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On Monday, March 19, the kindergarten and first grade students of South Clinton Elementary School “assisted” Mr. Derek Roesner, owner of Trowel Trades, in the construction of caterpillar stepping-stones walkways, a new sandbox, and balance beam. The stepping-stones join to form three curly caterpillars that meet in the middle to drink from a “pool”. The new walkway will provide access from their classrooms to the outside play area. The new sandbox will be filled with pea gravel for scooping and digging; while the balance beam aids in the development of gross-motor skills.

This is the third year Mr. Roesner and his company have donated their time and materials to complete such a project. His only stipulation is that the students get to participate in some way.   The first year they, with the help of the kindergarten students, built a new sidewalk complete with handprints.  The following year an outdoor amphitheater was constructed. This year’s kindergarten crew left their names and handprints in the cement and the first graders provided the color for the caterpillars along with their signatures.

The students watched the heavy equipment in action and observed the project at all stages to learn how math and science skills are used in a real world problem.  Later, they wrote stories and drew pictures to illustrate their findings.

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