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Meeting Type: Regular School Board Meeting
Location: Clinton Municipal Building
Date: 2/8/2018 5:30:00 PM


“A Tradition of Excellence”




I.         Call to Order by Board Chair

II.        Approve Agenda and/or Additions to the Agenda

III.       Consent Agenda

            A.  Approve Board of Education Minutes – 1/11/18 (Appendix A)

            B.   Approve Executive Committee Report   -   The Executive Committee of Clinton City School Board 

                   met on February 22, 2018, for the purpose of approving the revised school calendar for the 2018-

                   2019 school year (Appendix B)

IV.       Financial Report

           A.    Approve Financial Report – January (Appendix C)

           B.    Approve Budget Amendment Three (Appendix D)

V.       New Business Requiring Action by the Board

           A.    Approve contract with Beacon Technologies to install audio enhancement in two classrooms as a

                       pilot with a cost of $4,605

           B.    Approve New and Revised School Board Policies on First and Second Reading (Appendix E)

  • 4.603                   Promotion and Retention                                                                   Revised
  • 5.802                   Qualifications and Duties of the Director of Schools                        Revised
  • 6.405                   Medicines                                                                                           Revised
  • 6.4051                 Glucagon and Diazepam Gel (Diastat)                                              New

VI.     Reports/Information

  • Reports from Principals/Supervisors
  • March 8, 2018, next School Board Meeting (Clinton Municipal Building)
  • TSBA “Day on the Hill” February 12-February 13 2018 - Doubletree Downtown Nashville.

VII.         Director Report (Appendix F)

VIII.       Adjournment of Meeting




















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