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Meeting Type: Regular School Board Meeting
Location: North Clinton Elementary School Library
Date: 11/9/2017 5:30:00 PM


“A Tradition of Excellence”



I.    Call to Order by Board Chair

II.   Approval of Agenda and/or Additions to the Agenda

III.  Approve/Recognition Tenure for Staff:

  •   Clinton Elementary School – Kara Green
  •   North Clinton Elementary School – Kelly Reed and Kelly Tomlinson
  •   South Clinton Elementary School – Lora Irwin, Lauren Neal and    

      Rebecca Sharp

IV.   Consent Agenda

        A. Approve Board of Education Minutes – 10/19/17 (Appendix A)

        B. Approve Surplus List of Books (Appendix B)

        C. Executive Committee Report - Approve Medical Leave for Jennifer

           Costanzo from November 8, 2017 through December 19, 2017 

        D. Approve disposal and sale of salad bars          

V.    Financial Report

        A. Approve Financial Report – October (Appendix C)

        B. Approve Budget Amendment Two (Appendix D)        

VI.   New Business Requiring Action by the Board

        A. Approve 2018-2019 School Calendar on First and Second Reading

          (Appendix E)

        B. Approve Contract with Praters Flooring to renovate Clinton

           Elementary School's Gym Floor with an estimated cost of


        C. Approve Credit Card Acceptance Device for Clinton City 

           Schools (no cost for device)

VII.  Reports/Information

  •   Reports from Principals/Supervisors
  •   No School Board meeting for the month of December
  •   January 11, 2017, next School Board Meeting Clinton Municipal Building

VIII. Director Report (Appendix F)

IX.   Adjournment of Meeting









































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