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Meeting Type: Reorganizational & Regular School Board Meeting
Location: Clinton Municipal Building
Date: 8/10/2017 5:30:00 PM

Clinton City School System

"A Tradition of Excellence"


I.        Call to Ojrder by Board Chair

II.       Election of Officiers

          A.     Chairman

          B.      Vice Chairman

III.      Elect TLN Representative

IV.      Adjournment of Meeting


Clinton City Board of Education Regular Meeting Agenda

Clinton Municipal Building 


V.       Call to Order by Board Chairman

VI.      Approval of Agenda and/or Additions to the Agenda

VII.     Recognitions:

           Recognition of Otho Brown Scholarship Recipients - Abbey Kidwell and Erin Collier 

           Recognition of New Staff Members for 2017-2018 School Year:

  •  Kelley Adkins                  5th Grade Teacher, South Clinton Elementary School

  • Tori Allen                          1st Grade Teacher, North Clinton Elementary School
  • Andrea Breedon              CDC, South Clinton Elementary School

  • Erin Cooper                     4th Grade Teacher, South Clinton Elementary School

  • Lora Gaylor                      Instructional Assistant, Clinton Elementary School

  • Brandi Guidish                 2nd Grade Teacher, Clinton Elementry School

  • Deborah Justice               Instructional Assistant, North Clinton Elementary School

  • Jason Glashauser            Music Teacher, South & North Clinton Elementary School

  • Casy Kyte                         Librarian, Clinton Elementary School

  • Patrick Patterson              Custodian, Clinton Elementary School

  • Allison Reid                      1st Grade Teacher, Clinton Elementary School

  • Stephanie Reynolds         Instructional Assistsant, Clinton Elementary School

  • Jyl Smithson-Riehl           3rd Grade Teacher, North Clinton Elementary School

  • Drews Royse                    Speech Therapist, North Clinton Elementary School

  • Erin Seto                          Maintenance, South Clinton Elementary School

  • Allison Swanner               Art Teacher, Clinton Elementary School

  • Jamie Terry                      Kindergarten Teacher, Clinton Elementary School

  • Wil Turner                        Instructional Assistant, South Clinton Elementary School

  • Ashley Webb                   Art Teacher, South & North Clinton Elementary School

  • Lucas Vickery                  Custodian, Clinton Elementary School 

VIII.   Consent Agenda

          A.     Approve Board of Education Minutes - 6/8/17 (Appendix A)

          B.     Approve Executive Committee Report - The Executive Committee of the Clinton City School

                  Board met on July 3, 2017, for the purpose of approving the Tennessee Department of

                  Health Progam (Dental Sealants) for students at North Clinton and South Clinton

                  Elementary Schools

          C.     Approve School Support Organizations

                   PTO - Clinton Elementary School

                   PTO - North Clinton Elementary School

                   PTO - South Clinton Elementary School

IX.      Financial Report

           A.     Approve June Financial/End of the Year Report (Appendix B)

           B.     Approve July Financial Report (Appendix C)

           C.     Approve Budget Amendment One (Appendix C.1)

X.       New Business Requiring Action by the Board

           A.      Approve using $250,000 from Designated Fund Balance (Technology) to complete

                    replacing classroom smartboards

           B.      Approve School Board Policies on First and Second Reading (Appendix D)

                    1.407          School District Records                                             Revised

                    2.703          Audits                                                                         Revised

                    3.202          Emergency Preparedness Plan                                 Revised

                    3.400          Student Transportation Management                        New

                    4.600          Grading System                                                         Revised

                    4.700          Testing Programs                                                       Revised

                    5.200           Separation Practices for Tenured Teachers              Revised

                    5.201           Separtation Practices for Non-Tenured Teachers      Revised

                    5.203           Recommendations and File Transfers                       New

                    5.600           Staff Rights & Responsibilities                                  Revised

                    5.701           Substitute Teachers                                                  Revised

                    4.402           Instructional Supplies                                                Delete

           C.      Approve College and Career Readiness Liaison in the amount of $10,000

           D.      Approve creation of Boys and Girls Basketball Club

           E.      Approve New A La Carte Prices for Cafeteria

XI.      Reports/Information

  • Reports form Principals

  • September 14, 2017, next School Board Meeting (Clinton Elementary School Library)

  • TSBA Fall District Meeting, Tuesday, September 19, 2017, at 4:30 p.m. - 7:45 p.m. in Roane County at the Harriman High School

XII.   Director Report

XIII.  Adjournment of Meeting