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Clinton City Schools Attendance Plan

Clinton City Schools cares about your child's attendance as it is necessary for them to learn and be successful at school. Below is the Clinton City Schools Attendance Plan for both excused and unexcused absences. Following the plan is a list of circumstances that are deemed excused, as well as, the link to the Clinton City Schools School Board Policy.

Unexcused Absence Plan

3 days- Letter from Principal

5 days- Letter from Attendance Supervisor/Director

7 days-Attendance Support Meeting at School Level

10 days-Attendance Support Meeting at District Level

Beyond 10 Unexcused Days-Contact with Court System

Excused Absence Plan

10 or more excused absences-Attendance Support Meeting at School Level

Excused absences can include up to 6 parent notes, doctor's notes, religious observances, the death of a family member, military leave, and other items under principal discretion.

Please see the Clinton City Schools School Board Attendance Policy listed under Students Section.


Related link: Clinton City Schools Board of Education Attendance Policy 6.2000



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